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SCORUM Presents Plagiarism Checking System
It turns out this is the result of improvements last night The Scorum team is very often getting discussions or maintenance on the Scorum platform. This is done to provide / improve the quality of the platform itself, so that with the presence of a new display can give an interesting impression for each user / member itself, and also can eliminate boredom for each platform user. In order to improve the quality of content / posts, this time the Scorum Team really works optimally to prevent plagiarism and improve the quality of the overall posting of the Scorum platform, your posts will be checked for copied content. In this case they (Team Scorum) presents a system that can track the source where the article was taken or the term "Bot". Then the system will notify the level of uniqueness of the content after it has been published through the notification link. The picture above shows the results of checking the uniqueness of the content, in this case the uniqueness level is 100%. This means that the quality of the content is purely self-made, not the result of plagiarism. The post will get full payment. As for this one, the system detects the content quality level of 16%, the remaining 84% is taken from several other websites. So, for the payment will also be accepted by 16% of each vote, and the rest will be returned to the Scorum prize pool. To minimize this, before you publish a post, it's good to check the quality first. In this case you can visit the edubirdie.com site Thank you for visiting my blog, successful greetings for you all ! Greetings, @acerakkespc;