Ginebra import Brownlee makes a quick pass - Image Source

Before the two top contender teams in Philippine Basketball played Alaska Aces have been leading the rankings but it seems that the Giants have come to demolished what Alaska Aces has been started during the season. Barangay Ginebra who have won Columbian Dyip and Alaska Aces manage to take ahead in the rankings alongside with Magnolia Hotshots.

During the Barangay Ginebra and Alaska Aces basketball match, Brownlee of Barangay Ginebra has really exerted a monstrous effort that made him snatch 45 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists which makes him the scoring leader for the team. With the performance that Brownlee has done for the team in their match, it really helps to give them a way to keep ahead of points against Alaska Aces.

Barangay Ginebra performs better shooting performance than Alaska Aces. But still, Alaska has a strong determination on their defensive strategy that has successfully stopped Barangay Ginebra on many of their offensive attempts. Barangay Ginebra takes those strong defenses of Alaska Aces as a challenge which they have found a way to overcome it that resulted in their win.

Brownlee was really utilized by the team alongside with Aguilar who help the team as well with his 24 total points and 10 rebounds. Throughout the game, Barangay Ginebra has seen more aggressive due to their many fast break points and assists.

Barangay Ginebra will face Northport Batang Pier

Terence Romeo of Batang Pier - Image Source

Barangay Ginebra will take on Northport Batang Pier on their next basketball match. There had been a high possibility that Barangay Ginebra will defeat Northport Batang Pier since based on the statistical record of Ginebra, they do have better performance than Northport Batang Pier. To be able to gain the top rankings overall, Barangay Ginebra will need to win this game.

Northport Batang Pier, on the other hand, has been really aiming for a win since they have not yet won any of their matches and they need to improve their game performance on their upcoming games to be included in the next playoffs.


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