Last conference series in PBA San Miguel was beaten by Ginebra with a 2-4 standing in the Finals. It was an intense exchange of offense and at the same time, a tight defense was implemented throughout the game series. Ginebra who won the first game wasn't easy enough without Brownlee's offensive efforts and Slaughter's rebounds. But still, San Miguel did put a fight where Balkman do his very best to possess the ball as much as he could but their offense was not good enough to beat the Ginebra.

Their Game 2, San Miguel did make sure that they would tie the series with Cabagnot's massive effort to lead the team. It was really a good condition for the team that they do have a better field goal percentage compared to Ginebra that time who have several missed shots. It was a great day for San Miguel to won the match with 134-109.

Again, in Game 3 San Miguel really make sure that Ginebra would know that they won't take them so easily. San Miguel who aggressively distributed scoring of Balkman, Ross, and Fajardo. Again, San Miguel displays a good performance where they truly have better shooting percentage than Ginebra. That game, San Miguel who really play aggressively perform a lot of shot attempts and that they are working on their rebounds.

In Game 4 Santos of San Miguel does the work for the team while Fajardo who always struggle for the rebound was a good aide. Even San Miguel has more possession of the ball through rebounds but Ginebra was good on turnovers and Brownlee who is still on fire really contributes their easy win against San Miguel. Their game ended with 100-130.

Game 5 was really a close match between the teams, a lot of defense strategies have been implemented was observed. One thing that really put San Miguel behind in scoring are those missed three-point shots which are really needed for the point lead. Sometimes, eagerness to earn extra points through three-point shots will be a big disadvantage if fewer shots are going in. Their game ended with 87-83 in favor of Ginebra.

Game 6 was a bad luck for San Miguel where they do have a lower percentage in the field goal, lesser rebounds than Ginebra. I can still see the fire on San Miguel with the efforts of Fajardo and Balkman where the point leaders make sure to win or they will end up losing the series. First, two quarters was really a good progress for San Miguel but on deciding quarters Ginebra make a comeback and furiously on hot scoring. This is when their game series ended up where Ginebra won the finals.

San Miguel who has many talented players on their roster was saddened with their loss but the game conference was not for them. Many Filipino fans see their final series as a great basketball matchup where they don't know who will exactly win since the players of both teams are determined to win.

San Miguel may lose this conference but they will possibly be more competitive at the next conference. San Miguel who was the most record of championship title will remain the best team of PBA.