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Poker ethics
Poker vs friends. Any kind of poker. The same as with any other game, is a great played when played with friends. When we play with friends. The rules are often skewed for the benefit of weaker players in the game. The same for playing online games with friends. Altering the rules to accommodate a beginner. Maybe a young person you are trying to teach a game to, all the rules all at once might be too much for them to take in. You may play a simpler game of scrabble. You might play fish with half the deck. There are many thing which can be done to accommodate different things. With poker it is pretty much the same. There are variations of poker which can be played which may help new comers to the game evolved their game. These are the rules the game is played by though and not the ethics the game is played within. These should not be changed. Some guidelines which should be held to when playing poker. Talking about your hand when a game is in play is a No No. The main reason for this is what you speak can influence the game. It can influence the play of other players still in the hand. When you are not in the hand it is a bigger No No to talk about cards you may have had or comment on the plays at hand. Let us suppose you have 7 2 off suit. You fold pre-flop and three 7's come out on the table. Voicing any comment here is a no no. Letting other plays know the fourth 7 is gone can influence the play of other people still in the hand (or prevent them from acting). None of us win all of the time. The statistics say we can't. If you happen to lose, do it gracefully. Some of the abuse I have seen over the years thrown at players that knocked someone out of the tournament. Just leaves me to think, do those people have the mentality to play poker. They may have all the statistics down pat on what hand can win what percentage of the time. The reaction when they lose suggests their mentality cannot handle the same statistics. Poker show. A show is held in the Buddy Up Server in Discord to assist beginners with learning the game. Players of all levels are welcome to come and discuss poker. The show generally lasts for 1 hour. Starting time: 8 PM UK time. (7 PM UTC) Suggested topics this week. Value of Hands in Poker. Starting hands. Position. Bet sizing. Strategy's. Re raising. Variations of poker. Other topics are welcomed to be brought up and discussed too. If you have a topic you would like some time set to discuss this can be arranged for one of the shows. Poker games are played on The Scorumpoker We hope soon to add to a new game to the line up of weekly games.




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Comment gone long... Crew member response
Poker player @kryptokeeper recently posted an insightful review of some players. Check out the link here because my post is comment to him gone long. Figured may as well author a post with it and maybe get a longer conversation going. He did not say it but this might be the first in a series making comments of members play. IDK, except we have lots of great players and lots that are learning for free how to play poker well from each other. So.. on with my comment to the post: "Thank you so much for inclusion and analysis. Certainly anyone who takes the time to read/study this will improve verses players mentioned. And generally overall. Personally, it will force me to improve. Add new tactics and adjust to the adjustments made verses me. Allow me to give feedback to your self analysis. Perhaps your game has changed the most in the time we have been battling for chips. You have adjusted from being very conservative to speculation with a wide range of holdings as you have self described. Another adjustment is calling or more often now three betting openers when in position with up to 30% of of hands. I do suspect this is a play reserved for players you feel will fold more of the time. I would guess that when we met you were closer to playing 17% of the top hands from all positions. So I would guesstimate you have nearly doubled your opening range especially in position over the last year or so. Our game here ultimately is a freeroll. This introduces the widest styles of play and is the most difficult to play against generally. Some of our most knowledgeable players (many not mentioned here) in regards to hand odds have adopted a time saving method of play. They are wagering complete stacks early with weaker holdings. Either they double or triple their stack or move on to other activities. Others just don't know the value of their hands verses the odds. They by accident kind of employ the same method of play. What you describe as lack of patience can also be defined as going on tilt. That emotional reaction tied to the hand result. It challenges the best of us to make less than the best decisions. Your admitted intolerance for limpers and small bets causes a greater chance to make +4x preflop raises. This is a page out of my favorite poker coach teachings, Alex Fitzgerald. He is also known to do it with a wide range of cards. IMHO your doing the right thing for the wrong reason some of the time, maybe not. I can't say I know you well enough if your 3 bet is a emotional play or a tactical play. Probably a little of both. It occurs to me that @tadas has made as large a change to his game in as you have yours but in the opposite direction. He reduced his opening range from maybe 50% of hands down to 30% or so. Both of you have fantastic aggression to exploit the calling stations and loose players among us. Thanks again for including me in the post. I think its great we are getting more players. That we are all growing our stacks in both SBD and SCR. I'll close with a shout out to @tuck-fheman for his hard work and constant effort and expense to keep it going no matter what the status of the crypto markets."