Yesterday I managed to win my first tournament on The day before yesterday I took the third place. How I started to play and some thoughts about poker and trivia, as always, are waiting for you in this post


Some of the details I could forget or confuse, but as I remember now

Poker is a bit boring game for me at present. But sometimes I want to gamble. Sometimes I like to play poker sometimes not.

I started playing poker online around 2008. It was with daily freerolls. Yeah, I just clicked on the ad banner. If I'm not mistaken, the first prize was about 300 bucks from a prize pool of 1000 USD. I simultaneously worked and played and for some time I won a couple of tournaments and many times I was in the top-10.

Besides MTT I tried to play ring games and SnGs (not DoNs) with variable success. And I hate ring games now. Because it is incredibly boring.

But once I tried to play DoN. It was love at first sight. That's where the ACTION was hiding!!!

I was playing on iPoker via Titanbet at that time. Later I moved to Pokerstars.

For three years I managed to earn about .... USD per month. But then something broke and I got tired from poker.


ScorumPoker definitely better LuckSacks. It is faster and more comfortable. As a lover of reasonably criticize can not even find anything) Wait a minute... "Coming soon" on logo)))

So join if you haven't done it before. @tuck created an incredible product! Thanks @tuck!

Fun or Money?

Sorry, but the money is winning. If more than 40 participants played in 1000SCR Freeroll, then only 10-15 played in Tadas 30 SCR Freeroll. Yesterday it was only 7. Anyway, thank you @tadas for your support!

A spoon of tar

But I don't like etiquette on ScorumPoker. Some players especially Americans behave disrespectfully towards their rivals. Just one example (not literally): "X: Just fit or fold...., Y: if you can't play, you can only do it [fit or fold]". And so on... Guys, why do you think that your strategy is the right one?

Funny fact: The hunt for Americans

You will be taken aback my American friends, but we have hunted you. We set alarm clocks to play at the same time as you)))

But anyway GG!

Trivia: What did bwin lose in 2006?

Idiom-trivia: What is a spoon of tar?