TeamUp on season is over! Thanks to all who participated!

First, thank you all for your patience! I needed a lot of help and even more time, but we did it! Here are the results of this past season of Team Up on!


And the Winners Are....


Congratulations to @hoodish, @futuremind, @sevendst19, and @tadas who won with a combined score of 194.628! Well played!!

Second Place with a score of 114.188 is...


Congratulations to:





Third Place with 101.170 points is...

Ghost Nation!!

Congratulations to:





Fourth place with 96.661 points...

The Poker Pups!

Congratulations to...





Fifth Place with 94.334 points...

Team Ferox!

Congratulations to...





Sixth Place with 90.358 points...

Ace Holes!

Congratulations to...





Seventh Place with 86.218 points...

Death Punch

Thanks for playing!





With 60.003 points, Team Ham and Tequila Barrel with 9.493. Better luck next time!!

Thank you to @curie on for sponsoring this tournament, to the players who showed up for their teams every week, and to all of you for your patience with me!!

love, B.

by @kryptik who's been showing his face around some, lately, which makes me happy :)