The first monthly SBC 100 SCR Poker Freeroll has been a success.

In total, we had 26 players starting the tournament and top five ending up in the money (arcanepoker, guyfawkes, djoker, tedtv, and Hoodish).

I'm still waiting for arcanepoker and tedtv to send me a dm on discord (beat-the-bookies#6054) in order to send them the rewards.

Here's the list of the winners with the SCR they won:

  1. arcanepoker - 35 SCR
  2. guyfawkes - 25 SCR
  3. djoker - 18 SCR
  4. tedtv - 13 SCR
  5. Hoodish - 9 SCR

Congratulations guys!

arcanepoker winning the first SBC freeroll

The payments will be sent out later today.  See you next month!

P.S. If you'd like to support us, vote for your witnesses stimp1024 and btb. Thank you!