I continue to play some poker on wink.org and continue to track my results along with the daily dividends that are given out for WIN token holders


I haven't increased my WIN token holdings last week and have stayed ta 1 Million WIN Frozen. I adjusted my weekly Dividend ROI calculations a bit showing the Percentage based on the current price and last week's dividends that were given out.

Currently, 6364 TRX gets you 1 Million WIN which adds up to 40.971 TRX, good for +0.70% Dividends if they stay similar next week.

Quite a big reduction in dividends last week but the price of both WIN and TRX went up in price. I'm not sure if I will get more WIN at this point.


I didn't play all that much poker last week on Wink.org and mostly switched from the 2/4 TRX to the 10/20TRX blind tables which tend to run in the evening. I had a couple of really frustrating sessions where opponents play in a way that makes no sense whatsoever getting pot committed with rather weak hands to suck out on the river on countless occasions. This has put me at a loss last week back to around 6900 TRX

Overall a limited loss on the week given the fact that I didn't play all that much combined with clearly running far below EV.

I honestly don't fully trust Wink but will need to see more before fully getting paranoid. I did mine around 300 RAKE putting me at a total of 700. The average daily dividend was 0.44 TRX which is at least something. The entire play to earn dividends to give an incentive to play is bound to collapse at some point though. As long as there is no token burn it will never be scalable.

I plan to improve my game a bit as in getting a better read on opponents, tightening up and playing a bit more focusses with an eye to actually earn something from it all. I will likely continue to make these report also during losing weeks as it simply helps to do better.