I've been using Nitrogensports as one of my BTC Bookmakers for over 2 years making a really tight plan (See Post Beating Nitrogensports) and pretty much sticking to it ever since successfully. I ended up testing the BTC poker tables for the first time yesterday...

My Poker History

I'm always interested in forms of gambling that are skill-based and beatable. I've been betting on sports since forever and first came in contact with online poker way back in the day on the bookie Expekt. I tried the game there, couldn't win which drove me crazy translating in a drive to learn and get better which is what I did the years after. I mainly used the earnings at the start to give my Betting Bankroll a boost and afterward to pretty much fund my expenses. I mostly played on Partypoker, Everest, Cake, and Pokerstars. My main game was NL Hold'em Full Ring and the highest I ever have gotten was 400NL while my regular game was 8-16 table 100NL. At some point, it all started feeling like a job and I actually earned more with betting which never felt like a job so I quit poker quite pleased with the experience and what I accomplished never really missing it afterward.

Testing Out the Nitrogensports Poker Tables

Right now, I'm far from the player I used to be, but I believe I still very much have the basics down to be profitable at lower stakes tables. With the ongoing international break and the 500k SPORTS Freeroll I planned to join on brosinopoker.com I decided to have some fun on Nitrogensports playing poker with some BTC at the lowest stakes. (0.01-0.02 mBTC | 0.085$-0.170$ blinds). My strategy was to just play a solid Tight-Aggressive style while trying to get a read on the opponents and making sure I never put myself in though marginal spots.

There are only a couple of tables running which is excellent for casual players. To my surprise, the level of play was even worse than I remembered it back in the days and I ended up making +0.0065 BTC (~55$) which equals 3.25 buy-ins while by no means playing optimal myself just yet. Here are some of the hands to showcase the average player level. (clicking the links will show the replay)

Most would likely call me crazy on laying down QQ Pre-flop but I don't mind so much as the opponent in question was extremely tight and it would get me in a really difficult spot both as a 4bet gets called or on the flop unless I hit a set. To me this is a classic Win a little lose a lot situation where I rather just lose a couple of big blinds, reduce the variance and move on.


The overall level of play on the Nitrogensports Poker Tables is extremely soft and I did enjoy getting back to it. I might actually do it more often as it's fun and a good way to earn some BTC (if you are a semi-experienced player) in the process. Similar to Sports Betting, Poker is an excellent use case for Blockchain. I did get into the Virtue Poker ICO and might have a look at more projects/bookies that offer poker trying to find soft opposition like on Nitrogensports.

I like what Steem Poker (brosinopoker) are doing on Steem/sportstalk and would love to gamble it up with some STEEM or SPORTS but aside from the Freerolls there unfortunately not really that much action going on.

Please let me know in the comments below if you are playing poker with crypto and feel free to leave your Affiliate link!