I continue to track my activity along with the dividends on wink.org in these weekly posts while Sports Betting is still on a break.


I doubled my WIN holdings last Monday to 2 Million and froze all of it to increase the Dividends I'm earning. I have somewhat of a weak spot for passive returns and Wink certainly scratches that itch. The initial 1M WIN I got was just to test it out and the dividends have been quite steady while the overall supply in circulations hasn't increased.

The price of WIN pretty much goes hand in hand with the dividends that are paid out. If they go up you can expect a price increase while the opposite will happen when they go down. The 2 main factors are Player activity and WIN in circulation that is frozen. The projected Dividends early on Monday looked promising compared last week which got me to pay 82.97$ for 1 Million extra WIN.

Currently, 6715 TRX gets you 1 Million WIN which adds up to 48.000 TRX, good for +0.77% Dividends if they stay similar next week.

Both the pice of Tron and the price of Win compared to Tron went up a bit last week. Since I cost-averaged in doubling my position it gave somewhat of a hit to my overall return since I was in the green. The anticipated price increase during the week did make all of it up though. and I'm up +16.29% overall (+13.95% Price increase & +2.34% Dividend increase)


I got myself into somewhat of a poker burnout last week after getting sucked out multiple times on Monday and Tuesday. Poker can be really frustrating especially if it's impossible to really get tons of hands in playing on the same stake tables. With limited tables, I play both 2/4 & 10/20 stakes. With the bigger stakes being 5x as big as the small stakes they pretty much are bound to dictate the results. the situations similar to 2 weeks ago were too crazy for words. Get all the money with a clear advantage to nearly always get sucked out always on the biggest stake tables.

I only ended up playing around 4 hours because of it losing 4535 TRX in the process. I'm still up overall though since I started playing on wink.org poker and will likely continue grinding this week if there is some good action.

I did mine 93 RAKE in the 4 hours I played because of the all-ins on the 10/20 tables and am now nearing 1000 RAKE. The dividends from it added up to 15.407 TRX which is a big increase compared to last week. Being able to mine RAKE certainly is a good motivation to keep on playing even though in essence it just a big Ponzi bound to collapse at some point.

I'm hoping to continue growing my TRX holdings & Dividends the coming weeks by playing some poker the next couple of weeks to start re-investing some later on.