This is my weekly report keeping close track of the Dividends is paying to WIN token holders along with my personal Poker Results. I also continue to learn more about the TRON Blockchain each week

Super Representatives Vote Earnings

I learned this week that voting on Super Representatives (same as Witnesses on Steem/EOS) can possibly earn you some passive TRX earnings with some giving their earnings to their voters. From what I understand, they payout every 6 hours and you can claim them once a day max. Voting can be done with Frozen TRX. I currently have 3380 TRX frozen and voted it all on an SR that gives away 100% of their earnings. I will be leaving it unclaimed for a week to get a better view of how much exactly it earns in the next Report.


I again couldn't resist this week and bought 1M extra WIN getting my total up to 4M Frozen. The dividends have been pretty stable and I see it as a good hedge in case crypto goes down. Projects like who have a working product with actual revenue in a way have the disadvantage not to be able to thrive on hype as the value is mostly based on the results. Most crypto projects are still pure speculation in the hope they will turn out in something. The way I look at Wink is like getting stocks from a fully centralized company that pays profit to its shareholders.

My plan is to first slowly accumulate some more WIN along with TRX which will act as my poker bankroll to afterward systematically start stacking satoshis with the profit I'm making. I did pay 88$ for 1M this week on Friday and have a total of 330.30$ invested for the 4M WIN I hold.

Currently, 5478TRX gets you 1 Million WIN which adds up to 34.70 TRX, good for +0.63% Dividends if they stay similar next week.

From what it looks like, gamblers are adjusting their stakes down when the TRX price goes up making the dividends in $ values quite stable. I do see quite some room for growth as new people will be coming into crypto inevitably along with the fact that there is no Sports Betting action right now. Buying extra this week at a price higher to what it is now, did take the overall return % down quite a bit.

21-Day Moving Average

The average dividends over the last 3 weeks continue to look very stable. I do want to see them going up over time though.


I played 9 sessions on Wink Poker this week for a total of around 6 hours with a solid result of going up +5200 TRX (including Dividends). Wink Poker remains quite crazy as you just can't get in a 1 on 1 pre-flop situation with a strong hand as a raise always gets a ton of callers and nobody is respecting 3bets regardless of how big they both are. It remains a matter of hitting and getting paid off while getting sucked out of plenty of times also resisting the urge to bluff in situations where players in normal games would lay down their weak hand.

I mined another 176 Rake last week getting my total up to 1335 RAKE. The dividends it it paying out are not worth all that much honestly and it will take years to get a decent amount of Rakeback compared to what I gave to the site from winning pots. As long as the games themself remain profitable I will keep playing and see the mining as a nice extra.

I'm getting closer to my goal of reaching a 20k TRX bankroll and am looking forward to what this week will have in stores on