I've been checking out the Wink.org platform the last couple of days and the one thing I like about it is the active poker tables as the opposition is just incredibly soft.

I'm always on the lookout for an edge in gambling or crypto projects. While I currently see Wink and their win Token not as something that provides an edge, their poker certainly does as the opposition is just incredibly soft even for the small stakes that have active tables.

I just had a 9 handed game where everyone on the table just called pre-flop which I can't remember ever seeing in the 100k+ hands I played in the past. There are some very simple strategies to use to get the most out of these games...

Players on Wink Poker are quite passive and call a lot even when there is a raise or a 3bet regardless of the amount. Players also tend to have a hard time laying a hand down and are easily lured into paying too much for their draws or weak pairs.

Playing Strategies

  • DON'T BLUFF: There is a small chance opponents lay down their hands, so don't get all adventurous with bluffs and only keep them for the perfect bluffing setups.
  • OVER-RAISE STRONG HANDS PRE-FLOP: Regular 3x -3.5x pre-flop raises tend to get called by everyone and even higher raises get called easily. Raising a strong hand 10-10 or Higher, KQ, AJ, ... which are very vulnerable on the flop against many players when hitting works to avoid getting too many players in the pot and help to build the pot early on. Weaker hands pay too much for their unlikely draws.
  • UNDERRAISE SPECULATIVE HANDS PRE-FLOP: Small raises tend to get called without being 3bet. If you have small pairs or suited connectors you really want as many people in a nice sized pot on the flop. Doing a min-raise even in early position or late after many callers helps to achieve this. If you hit on the flop it's easy to get players with just a pair pot committed, if you don't hit just lay down your hand.
  • PLAY TIGHT-AGRESSIVE: Don't get overly involved with weaker hands or even hands like A8 out of position as it will get you in really tough spots post-flop which are generally Lose-a-Lot - Win-a-Little situations.

I have quite a lot of time now with the lockdown and will continue to play some poker on WINK keeping some close track of the results probably making a report on it next week. If anyone is interested, feel free to join me on the Wink.org Poker Tables.