... so freaking bad

Buy all of the things I never had

I wanna be on the cover of Scorum magazine

Smiling next to Hassan, Mikey, and Mr. Pete

Oh every time I close my eyes

I see my name in shining lights

Yeah, a different city every night oh right

I swear the world better prepare

For when we are billionaires

This is not me, nor my wife, photo from (Your Money.com)

There are so many ways to become one, but only a few succeed. Now maybe billionaire is a bit too much, but let's aim for something good shall we? I mean, I'm fine with millionaire too. OK let's go with that, as a start then.

I'm trying to make some sort of a prediction, but my cryptocurrency analyses are a bit weaker than my sports analyses. I'm guessing ten years? Would that be good?

Just imagine, all of us that are on Scorum now already, we are the pioneers. Some of you are here much longer than me, but I feel I am still a frontrunner. A newbie frontrunner, but still one of the first 32.000 ever on this platform.

So, just imagine, in ten years time, from now on, we will be hosting the very first Scorum Millionaire Fair! Where? What about Seychelles? There was a post earlier this week in the Happy Moan-Day competition about how their team lost 1-8 at home. We should support the country in their aim to bring the quality of the national sports in that country to a higher level. And to be fair, who would not want to celebrate his first millionaire fair here?

Copyright: Leoks/Shutterstock

Just think about all the beach and water sports that can be done there. We would run our own contests. Beach wrestling Swolesome vs. Orca (or maybe not, I don't think he would be there). Swolesome vs. Tales, who will be the winner? Costanza, btb, and fullcoverbetting just made 5000 SCR available for predicting the winner and how long the match will last.

The first Scorum Millionaire Fair, I cannot wait...

Will there be poker? Yes of course!

Oh, wait!!! Orca is here with some of the other spammers...

Phil Newton, Marc, Roguebot, Brandon and Sport-frei made it to Seychelles as well. They will take care of these parasites within a couple of minutes.

Time to focus on poker, the biggest tournament in the world ever is going to be played here in Seychelles. The Liberté Casino has been hired by us for the whole month that we are present here. We have invited all the top poker players in the world to join us here. we managed that with the help of Phil Ivey, who became a blogger on Scorum in 2020 after he won the WSOP. The thing here was, that Carl (clt17) made it to the final table that year and he had been promoting Scorum the whole time. Every time he won a hand, he looked into the camera before he said: "Scorum made his possible baby".

Carl made it into the top five of the WSOP and still managed to eliminate one opponent after the other. Three players left, Phil Ivey already passed and an unknown guy named Youl Oser was already all in. Carl called an won the hand. He was heads-up with Phil Ivey to win the WSOP. So far in his career, Ivey had never won the WSOP. He felt like it was a must to win this time. For Carl, it was all a dream becoming a reality. After hours and hours of a tight heads-up battle, and after Carl kept on promoting Scorum after every hand he won, he turned to Ivey and explained to him that he would be ready to let Ivey win. But, if he would let Ivey win, Ivey would need to join Scorum as a blogger.

Ivey didn't believe him and thought Carl was either nuts or lying and couldn't figure it out. The next hand when Carl had 7 2 off-suit he went all-in, Ivey folded, and Carl showed his cards. The next hand he had Kings, but folded and showed the cards too. He looked Ivey deep in the eyes, showed his bright smile and Ivey agreed on the offer. Five hands later Carl was bankrupt, making Ivey win his first WSOP.

Ivey kept his promise, joined Scorum and became a popular blogger. The sad part here is that Ivey would win another four WSOPs in the next 8 years, whereas Carl never made it again to the top 5000.

Now that we know, that in ten years from now, we will organize the biggest poker event in the world ever, we can all focus on getting there as quickly as possible. The buy-in of the tournament will be so high in the first place that this will be the ultimate moment for some, to become what we wanted to become, a billionaire.

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