Tonight was the Final of the Steemfest Ticket Tournament with the chance to win a Steemfest Ticket with accommodation, after 3 registration tournaments at the last three Saturdays. I participated in the last two registration tournaments for the final too and last week I won the ticket for the final as place 2. of the registration tournament.

I participated with the intention to donate the ticket for a friend in the case of winning in the final. Today was the final tournament with the best 6 players of the last three registration tournaments and it was a really interesting game. After more than one hour, I only had 340 Chips left, but I really made it to come back to over 3 K chips and to the final table of the Final Tournament.

It was a really exciting game and I made place 8 in the Poker Tournament tonight & Im very happy with this place, after I was almost kicked out with just 340 Chips left. In the end Coinbelly has won the final tournament for a Steemfest Ticket with accommodation and Markoslaw became place 2. Congratulations for the the winner Coinbelly and GG (Good Game) to all Poker Players of the tournament tonight!!! 👏👏👏

Here are two Screenshots of the tournament tonight, of the situation when I only had 340 Chips left and a screenshot of the final table, after I ended the tournament as place 8 on the second picture

Greetings from Germany

Jonas - @future24