We are in the summer, there are few football games to bet on, and fortunately there is a women's world championship. In this period a good way to have fun and win some Scr is to play poker on Scorumpoker.com.

Every day there are many tournaments, you can participate for free, you can try to win SCR or Steem, surely you will know good players and interesting people.

I and the team of @ scorum-italia have a fixed appointment, every Thursday at 11:00 there is the PIZZA & MANDOLINO tournament, 30 guaranteed Scr and a single ticket for the BEL PAESE (we need people who have to work and pay taxes) ) ... let's see who the lucky winner will be.

A key element to playing a winning poker is to force your opponents to make difficult decisions. For this reason, betting is always better than just seeing. (Gus Hansen)


If you are 21 years of age and an active member of Scorum, first go to the Lucksacks site and create a new account, then join the SPL Discord or contact @bethalea to have your account verified.

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