So I would like to just state this wasn't made for my own egotistical rants nor really any form of reflection and enjoyment of a tale.

At scourmpoker tables recently I was called out on playing real money poker and playing 1/2 2/5 and some 5/10 when I can find the games (much harder in the UK). As you would expect I have a limited amount of pictures but I think I fount a few several years old on an old icloud account that may make a clear image.

My lifestyle

As you can imagine playing on and off for 10/11years has changed the amount, where and when I play so I will just cover some average days and talk about some big swings and frivolous attributes of playing poker all night in casinos.

casino chips

This is my general game 1/2 or 2/5 game playing with around £1200 so around $1900. Generally I play 1/2 games depending on a good or bad month. In no means am I a high stakes player XD but that is something I would love to experience, purely for the competition and pressure.

My local casino plays a version of Omaha where the person on the button can choose between 4,5 or 6 cards to be dealt instead of the standard 4. This is an insane game of luck and has so many people on tilt.

4,5,6 card plo games

These are the average stack at the 6 card plo games. around £1700 stack which would be around $2100.

I know what your thinking, this could be anybody, once I started winning I had a bad habit at 3/4am messaging my girlfriend saying "it was a good night !"and just leaving these...

Lol I remember this one above being at like 6am and I gave her the finger because we argued at the amount of time I was spending playing.


Even did fine in cash games over in the US, I think I sat here with 4/5k, played for maybe 3/4 hours and walked with 19.5k.

My face in there for whatever reason.

So yeah long story short I play poker, I'm not some guy online saying he plays 1/2 on the reg and is just playing freerolls. I enjoy the game and believe playing a lot is more important than the level you play at, this was only done to prove a point because I hate pessimistic people who want to crush dreams and peoples hard work.

P.S I will delete this soon so dont upvotes just showing my avg week playing :)

(also im not some degenerate playboy wonnabe, I play because I enjoy competition, hence the name usually being for first place).