I wont be playing poker at scorumpoker on the reg untill January because I'm starting a new job and this will take up most of my life for the next month.

Thankyou to @Tuck Fheman, @llBirraioOo, Beth @tadas for building and running scorumpoker and the regular freerolls.


When I first joined I was surprised to only see only between 6 and 20 people entering these freerolls, so the tournaments really turn out to be more like a SNG's sometimes. (You have to bare in mind it's hard for me to wipe 11 years of playing poker and gain a community perspective is odd, but I do get it).

Something else that surprised me was the players, initially I was amused coming 1st more than any other place and thought it was pointless playing if I'm winning them at 40/50/60%. Then I saw a few more of the regs turning up more often and realised there were actually some decent players in these freerolls on a small platform. Quick shout out to who I think is playing well on scourmpoker @Mikey (if he's not sitting out) @tadas @chops316 @PotPlucker @Kryptokeeper @generausd @angelgarz @Buck there's many more I just can't think of the names off the top of my head so don't be offended.

Moving on, my stats/results....something I know many don't take serious, but without it I find the game trivial, poker is strategy and competition in it's purest form, many poker players like chess for the same reason. Imagine playing chess with someone drunk making silly moves..... what would most think "this is a waste of time" or "I'm not getting better this way" if your not thinking that and your thinking I just wonna have fun and gamble then maybe blackjack or roulette is a better idea. But anyway, stats...

scourmpoker.com stats

Initially I though these stats weren't that good then realised I'm winning 1 in 3 I enter running close to entering 100. (although it is odd that I either win or not cash). Also I might add I was on 28 tournament wins in 70 tournaments, above were my stats several days ago, today they look like this...

scorumpoker.com stats

In 13 tournaments only one 1st and 3 other cashes. This is a huge downswing which was expected, nomatter the level you shouldn't really expect to win 1 for every 3 you enter. Also the ratio between the hand win % and won without showdown % on the left are good. Once these were up I wanted to make it to the 100 and average 1 in every 3 wins. That means I need to get to 33/100, which looks difficult but still very close.

Expectation in January

It's common knowledge that scorumpoker intend on making leaderboards like lucksacks.com which is great.

Around that I intend on hosting tournaments on scourmpoker! Not 100% sure what to do, personally I'm a little bored of NLH and was thinking of doing a larger PLO tournament. Something like once a week at a time that can suit most and a prize maybe a little different like LTC? Or I could just convert that to SCR and do a 100/200 SCR one....this has the potential to do different leaderboard for different games too. Let me know what you think in the comments, suggestion etc to make some good games.

Do I host a PLO, HORSE or MIXED game at 100SCR every week from Jan? comment to help me decide.

I may be able to come bore you guy with strategy at the tables on the weekends XD but for the most part I wont be around untill January, GL all and GG I've enjoyed playing see you in Jan (P.S read up on your poker slang and strategy lol)