This is the official schedule and structure for the Alternative Poker Series at

ALT poker series - 5 weeks leaderboard contest

I decided to change the structure and games, thankyou for the input and support of the SPL community and I hope to see most of you on the leaderboard for free SCR along with myself :)!


All Freerolls are 20SCR at 2:00pm CST running every Monday and Tuesday for 5 weeks.

Monday 7th January CST 1:00PM PLO8

Tuesday 8th January CST 2:00PM H.O.R.S.E

Monday 14th January CST 1:00PM PLO8

Tuesday 15th January CST 2:00PM H.O.R.S.E

Monday 28th January CST 1:00PM PLO8

Tuesday 29th January CST 2:00PM H.O.R.S.E

Monday 4th February CST 1:00PM PLO8

Tuesday 5th February CST 2:00PM H.O.R.S.E

Monday 11th February CST 1:00PM PLO8

Tuesday 12th February CST 2:00PM H.O.R.S.E

Big shout out to KryptoKeeper!!! He amazingly decided to chip in and run the OMAHA8 games on Monday! The Omaha8 will run 9 weeks! So he has put in 180SCR running that game even after the series ends!

(they run for 9 weeks because keeper got things moving and I changed the structure because I'm indecisive and also wanted to shorten the series at the last minute).


I will post a leaderboard update every Wednesday after the previous two days tournament results, after the week 5 results I will pay out to the top 5! See below the prizes:

Leaderboard payout structure:

1st 100 SCR

2nd 50 SCR

3rd 25 SCR

4th 15 SCR

5th 10 SCR

Points structure:

For each freeroll tournament the points will be as follows:

1st 50

2nd 40

3rd 30

4th 20

5th 5

6th 2

I know this wasn't a popular choice but this is based on the average amount of entrants HORSE games get. The reason I did the point system this way is because it basically makes people have to turn up, if only 3 turn up to week 2 they have a huge advantage over 10 turning up in week 1. If there is less than six the payout's stay the same so make sure you show up :D. Other structure suggestions encourage degeneracy and bad players having a chance, I didnt run this to donate to bad and lazy play but to encourage competition and development amongst the better players.

If this is a successful series expect to see more like it with even bigger payouts :)

Here is the structure again if you want to save a png for later:

ALT series schedule