goldhunter tournament stats

Finally got to 100!.. Long overdue, moderately happy.

Overall average winning 1 in every 4.59 (5) over 459 tournaments.


In the beginning it was very easy because nobody knew how I play and there was only 6/7 regs. Even though all the regs at that time were good players they seemed to struggle with their value bets on every street thus giving me an edge all the time. This still happens however the majority of the regs have it better aligned, these players are much better now than when I first joined which makes it harder and the introduction to more dicers means the variance across the table is crazy.

This is why my winrate went from 1/3 over 100 to 1/4.6 over 459.

The other element is "volatility" and variance across the table. 6/7 regs on average have changed to 10/15 regs and in my mind the donk rate has changed significantly to 50%+ the more that show up. I don't mind bad players, but people who intentionally enjoy suckouts deserve to die in their degeneracy.

So this reduces the skill factor and increases the luck factor, people are happy to chase 20% against EV/VB (valuebet) when a tournament has 5+ doing this it then becomes a dice game even for the best.

Overall playing with the variety of players is fun and extremely annoying but delighted of the tournaments that run, admin etc.