Hey, awesome people!

My introduction post to the platform was received very well and I was even spotted by the CEO of the Scorum project (@vlad), which in turn made me flattered. Scorum is one of a few already working blockchain projects, no need to say that it works just fine for the early stage it is on and this is a reason enough for me to be bullish on it. So I decided to give it a shot and start kind of a blog.

Let me tell you what it is about...

I'am not very athletic and do not follow many sports but one thing that interests me a lot and I've spend last few years at is poker. Texas Hold'em to be specific. There are a few things that I'm anxious about and those are my not fluent English and not being a world class poker player. And that's all right. Because the knowledge I want to share with you doesn't require both. So.. lately I'm observing my father who plays poker online just for recreation and spams me with questions about hands.
At first glance the hands are very standard and easy to play. But when I try to explain them to a recreational player it feels so hard. I follow many good players and they explain even more complicated poker hands but do it with just a few words without going deep and make it clear and visual.

"In this spot our range is much stronger than our opponent's range..."

my father and I at the local fish restaurant
Wait .. why? What is our range? What is our opponent's range? Are we talking about our range or our perceived range? And what the fuck is range? We don't have a range, we have only 2 cards!

These are questions that my father battles with. So I decided to make a "Hand Range Break Down" series. And do my best explaining to him and to you (who are interested), why there are many very easy to play spots in poker. Spots in which we don't even need to know our cards to play them right.

I want to make it clear straight from the beginning. It won't be something ground breaking for a seasoned player. If you are already a winning poker player it won't change your life. But it is something interesting and helpful for the new players. And the hands I will be talking about might not be very exciting. But the idea is to reveal my thought process when I look at a poker hand and share it with you. I can guarantee you two things I'm 100% sure of. First is that I'll make mistakes. Second is that if you incorporate this kind of thinking about hands it will improve your game and it will make your experience playing poker much more enjoyable. If you enjoy thinking ... and puzzles ... a-a-a-and figuring out stuff, I mean.

I'm still not sure what is the right format for the blog, but the whole picture is getting clearer in my head. I have some technical questions about the Scorum platform, like "add embed" function that can help me a lot. So if someone from the team reads this - please give me a shout in the comments. So I can contact you and ask you about more specific stuff.

That's all for now. Tell me if you are interested in reading this kind of content about poker. Or take the safe route, wait and see my first Hand Range Break Down and help me with your ideas and suggestions right after.

“Winning is not everything – but making the effort to win is.”