That's Right Donkeys... Tilted Tuesdays Is Wrapping Up!

Tonight is the finale game for 100 SCR.

You might as well cancel your plans for a late night binge on the Netflix and join us for the final tournament.

Things are changing, so figured we might as well go out with a bang! :D

The tournament starts at 9 PM CST, be there or.. wth... just be there already!

Thanks to Tuck Fheman for the awesome site and good times! Always a pleasure to take your chips Mo! Ahahaha :D

@bethalea and I thank y'all for playing the tournaments, appreciate it!

Take a second and vote for our favorite peeps @atsdavid and @guiltyparties, I suggest you make that happen. Their support is appreciated, so let's give some support back.

Well, I guess that is a wrap! With that...

Peace Out... Bitches!