Had a nice nap yesterday evening, woke up on time to "wake up" for the poker game on LuckSacks.

During the two hour game I made a bundle of goofball mistakes, obviously I don't play enough to "not do them", but good ol' lady luck was on my side.

Won the contest, wish to say THANK YOU to all the players for making the game so interesting, it was definitely a game that was only lacking a real poker table, beers, cigars and 'taking the mickey out of each other' (picking on each other for those of you who don't speak Australian).

To the organizers, THANK YOU.

As for the winnings, I will split them 50/50 with @guiltyparties, the 17.5 tokens will be sent to him for the next Veterans Poker Tournament.

I think that is almost fair, considering all the work that @guiltyparties puts into everything he does, both here and on Steem.

Cheers to one and all.

yours truly,

Jack aka "AL".