If you love Classic Texas Hold’Em, then you most certainly will get the hang of Six-Plus Hold’Em Poker.

Six-Plus Hold’Em Poker is one of those poker variations that’s easy on the eyes because of its fun twist to the classic poker that we know. It’s been around for a long time, but somehow not a lot of players gravitate towards this game that has lots of great things to offer.

So allow me to introduce to you this game and shortly explain how it works.

Rules of Six-Plus Hold’em Explained

The game has a simple premise: play the classic Hold’Em that you know, but with a few interesting changes. Six-Plus Hold’Em Poker has a stripped-down deck, which is why it’s also commonly referred to as Short Deck Poker. From a deck of 52 cards, the players are now dealt with only 32 cards on the table.

And on a more important note, the cards that are removed from the deck are twos, threes, fours, and fives. That means players now face the opportunity - or the challenge - to build premium hands out of relatively higher cards.

The game also uses a “button blind” instead of the traditional “small blind” and “big blind” in classic poker. This means that every player on the table pays an ante, while the player on the button also pays a blind equivalent to the size of the ante on top of the actual ante.

Hand Rankings in Six-Plus Hold’Em Poker

What makes the game wildly interesting is the modified rules to the hand rankings compared to regular No-Limit Hold’Em Poker. Six-Plus uses a unique set of hand rankings which is highly influenced by the stripping down of the deck. In playing this game, you have to note that

  • A Flush beats a Full House, Flushes are more difficult to hit because there are only 9 cards of each suit instead of 13.
  • A Straight hand is ranked higher than Three of a Kind
  • Aces can play as Fives in making a Straight. The highest straight is T-J-Q-K-A and the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9