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Countless varieties of poker games continue to spring up in Bitcoin casinos online, and Six-Plus Poker is a growing favorite. Also widely known as short deck poker, this game is a staple for professional and recreational players alike; it’s fast-paced and packed with more action, and has relatively higher stakes than most games you’ll find. If you’re an online poker regular, playing this game is definitely worth your while, and learning it is easier than you think. Read this quick guide below to know how.

Learn the rules

If you’ve played classic Hold’em before, then you wouldn’t have a hard time getting yourself accustomed to this game. It’s a lot like playing full deck, so if you have the experience, making the switch is really simple. But note that the key differences you can find in Six-Plus Poker would include: a reduced deck with the 2-3-4-5 cards removed, high and low aces, and a flush beating a full house.

Know the gameplay

Unlike in full deck Hold’Em where a small and big blind is posted at the starting hand, everyone on the table posts one ante in short deck poker. The button also has the chance to post an additional ante, making a total of two antes. This is an essential rule to remember especially when you’re playing from a later position.

Memorize the hand rankings

Hand rankings in Six-Plus Poker follow the same format in classic Hold’Em, so you just need to refresh your memory and review them before going for a play. But it’s important to note the major difference mentioned above; a flush beats a full house. This tells you that suited cards, or suited aces in particular, are much stronger now.

Remember the rule of 3 and 6

Basic strategy in short deck poker must always include the rule of 3 and 6. Basically, what this means is that on the flop, you have to multiply the number of your outs by 3 or 6 (if it’s the river) to calculate your chances of making your hand by the turn.

Play in a trusted Six-Plus poker site

Once you’ve learned the simple rules of this popular poker variant, it’s best to play it in a trusted Bitcoin poker that brings out all the best things about this game. Be sure to check the safety and security of the site you’re playing in, the rules, and most importantly, the payout potential of the game. Once you get that covered, you’re all set to play!