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I have been playing on scorumpoker and lucksacks long before they were combined. As such, I have seen most poker players come and go. I know who does what and to whom. Poker-wise anyway. Their poker skills are varied. So this post is my notes and takes on a few of the regulars...........

TUCK......ALIAS: BUCK -------Tuck is hard to figure out for me. He can be a conservative player most of the time. I think he is comfortable with that. I think that is really him. However, he goes off on a side street sometimes. Probably bored. Will play wild and bet same. This is just a temporary thing, mostly. You could beat him when he is in those moods. I only engage with my best hands. Do anything else at your own peril, unless you are feeling lucky.

BETHALEA.....ALIAS: BETH, BINDIB, THUGALEA, AND OTHERS-----Bethalea is a wild girl. She plays everything by feel (wink,wink). I don't think she plans to play that way, just goes with the flow. My ultimate compliment....doesn't play like a girl. Can be beat. Actually wants to get beat sometimes. Probably because she has many things going on, like keeping everything going on the poker site. Engaging her will get you some big hands or bust. She will call you and raise you with nothing.

CHOPS316......Plays conservatively. Very sound player. Knows how others like to bet and will not chase very often. Hard to trick. If he bets big, and you want to call, you had better have a good hand.

POTPLUCKER.......Very hard to pin down on a hand. Likes to do the fancy betting....777 or 1111......number combinations with three or four of the same numbers. I just ignore that and look for the bet percentage after the flop......He will very seldom go all in with nothing or a small percentage draw......however, will take chances. Especially if he feels weakness. Use check-raises if you detect weakness in him. Make him commit his hand. He is a very smart player and plays the player against him well.

THEBULL.....ALIAS: SEVENDST19------Solid player. Knows how others play. When he bets out first, he will bet big, usually a pot bet after the flop. But only if he has something. If you call him, he will check to see what you will do and make you give up more chips. If he goes all in after all five community cards are out, he usually has the best hand.

INTHENOW........A cautious player. Will let you bet out and then call or fold. Doesn't make wild moves. To get chips from him, you have to bet big if you have a good hand. He will call if he needs a card.

KRYPTOKEEPER....ALIAS: CELSIUS100----That's me! I like to think I am very hard to pin down on a hand. I am a solid conservative player most of the time. I am comfortable with that. However, I have low tolerance for players who play every hand. Especially with what I call the limp in Louie's. They will limp in every hand and try to get lucky with the flop. I want them to bet more with their low percentage cards. I will raise when they bet the minimum. Periodically. If I do it all the time, they will limp in with premium cards and try to trap me. You have to get their chips before someone else does so make them play those weak cards when you feel the time is right. The percentages are usually with you. I also try to play a wide variety of hands. I love suited cards, so watch out for my flushes! My most glaring weakness is I am not patient. I also play by feel. I know what some players like to do. I know which players might fold. And I also know which players will call my raises, so I don't usually bluff them.

Poker is a great game.......Although luck plays a part in poker, you won't win many real tournaments relying on luck. However, this is a fun poker league and luck is a factor. The only way to learn is to get in there and try. I have given you some help in trying to beat some of the top poker players in Lucksacks and scorumpoker. Use it to your advantage!