It was a quick session yesterday.

When I started, my girlfriend came to me asking me to be free for midnight because she wanted to surprise me for my birthday, so I deregister from all the tables and I was playing in those 4-5 tables in which I was already registered.

I was not so lucky given that at the most important table recorded at that time, THE BIG 10 EUR, in a cooler with AA vs KK a K on the flop made me lose the buy-in. Even in the other tournaments things did not go well and to tell the truth there are not even any hands to comment, all standard.

I stayed at the last tournament with little desire and above all a great desire to reach my girlfriend and my friends that I started with a series of all in random. It was also quite amusing as I broke out several opponents. But then, as soon as I got a prize, it was my turn with my very strong J7o to have the worst against AQ.

Tonight I hope to do another fun and hopefully winning session. I will play as usual on and go to stream on Twitch, Facebook, and Dlive through the site that allows multi-streaming.

If you are free and you want to reach me I leave the links below. I remind you that the streaming will be in Italian because it is my language but if there are questions in other languages such as Spanish or English I will try to answer you.

I will start to stream in 5 minutes.

Streaming links: Twitch | Facebook | Dlive