When you're hot you're hot. Tadas had a week to remember, finishing second place in one of the five tournaments, and an incredible first in the other four! Inspired by his run, I may decide to add a new incentive that I may announce soon, so stay tuned.

We had an increase in players this week after a light week 13. I only made a couple of the tournaments this week but had a lot of fun playing with you all.

Here's a look at this week's results after calculating the points and reviewing each tournament.

This Week's Winners: Tadas Domination

As mentioned above, Tadas won four of the five tournaments. He fell just short in Friday's tournament. Here are the results for each of the five tourneys:

Monday: Tadas

Best Losers: Mikey (2nd), TheBull (3rd), Potplucker (4th)

Tuesday: Tadas

Best Losers: Sarge (2nd), Potplucker (3rd), TheBull (4th)

Wednesday: Tadas

Best Losers: Kryptokeeper (2nd), Mikey (3rd), Potplucker (4th)

Thursday: Tadas

Best Losers: Potplucker (2nd), Lama10 (3rd), Mikey (4th)

Friday: Thehive

Best Losers: Tadas (2nd), TheBull (3rd), PotPlucker (4th)

Final Point Standings

I didn't really need to calculate the final point standings, but some of you like to know where you stand. Thanks to his terrific play, Tadas will be sent 25 SCR after I publish this post. Congrats Tadas! Well done sir.

Lama10 (4)

Kryptokeeper (6)

Sarge (6)

TheBull (9)

Thehive (10)

Mikey (11)

Potplucker (13)

Tadas (51)*

Can he repeat this performance? I'm guessing no, and I'll try to stop him myself. Anyone know any cheat codes on Scorum Poker (jk)?

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