Week 8 of the Little @Mikey Poker Series ended poorly for me as you can see in the screenshot above. Tadas and I went all-in after the flop. My set of 3's were a gigantic favorite to win the hand until two straight hearts peeled off to give Tadas a surprise flush. Congrats Tadas!

Here is a look at this past week in the Little @Mikey Poker Series!

Quick Poker Tip

Confidence gained from winning can help carry you through future tournaments, helping you play at a high level. However, having a short memory after bad beats and bad play is just as important if not more important. After you suffer a bad beat, I recommend taking a couple of hours away from the table. Then, come back to play in another tournament and play conservatively. Carefully work to gain your confidence back and forget the bad beat.

Daily Winners This Week

For the first week in several, we had a repeat winner in a week. @Thebull started off the week on fire, and although he didn't win Wednesday-Friday, he never finished worse than 3rd, which is very impressive. My poker improved as the week went on, but as shown above, I suffered a very bad beat that ended my good run.

Monday: @Thebull

Tuesday: @Thebull

Wednesday: @Lama10

Thursday: @Mikey

Friday: @Potplucker

Final Week 5 Standings

I was lucky to get a win this week, but was buried in the standings by @thebull, who flexed his poker muscles this week.

#10-T. @Four20 (1)

#10-T. @Carabajac (1)

#9. @Moni (1)

#8. @Sargento (4)

#7. @Kryptokeeper (6)

#6. @Mikey (10)

#4-T. @Lama10 (11)

#4-T. @Tadas (11)*

#3. @Leosdemond11 (12)*

#2. @Potplucker (16)

#1. @Thebull (37)*

*Players who played in all five of the tournaments received 5 bonus points. If I am wrong about you playing in all five or not playing in all five, please let me know below and I will change the standings. I do know for sure that @thebull won and won handily this week!

Congratulations to @thebull for winning the Player of th Week award and 25 SCR, which will be sent this next week when available.

Week 9 will start on Monday. Will you be the Player of the Week and win a bonus 25 SCR? You have to play to win! See you next week! As a reminder, this poker series will continue after week 10 for an additional 10 weeks. Thank you for your support.