Well, we're through another week. Time keeps speeding up, so it's important to take a second to stop and enjoy our lives. Poker is certainly one way to do that.

This week's grand winner was my nemesis -- Tadas. He had a great week that began with two straight wins and almost a third. Here are the final results from this week's tournaments.

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This Week's Winners

Monday: @Tadas

  • Best Losers: Lama10 2nd, Potplucker 3rd, Thebull 4th

Tuesday: @Tadas

  • Best Losers: Thebull 2nd, Leosdemond11 3rd, Kryptokeeper 4th

Wednesday: @Mikey

  • Best Losers: Lama10 2nd, Leosdemond11 3rd, Thebull 4th

Thursday: @Lama10

  • Best Losers: Tadas 2nd, Kryptokeeper 3rd, Chops316 4th

Friday: @Potplucker

  • Best Losers: Mikey 2nd, Tadas 3rd, Lama10 4th

Final Point Standings

@Chops316 (1)

@Kryptokeeper (5)

@Thebull (8)

@Leosdemond (13)*

@Potplucker (14)

@Mikey (21)*

@Lama10 (28)*

@Tadas (35)*

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