Sorry for the late update. I have been trying to manage a couple of large projects and I haven't had much time to spend on Scorum or on anything else. I appreciate your continued support and hope to get back to investing more time with you all here.

As I mentioned in a recent post, the Little @Mikey Poker Series has been extended for an additional 10 weeks! There will be another 500 SCR given out!

I missed two out of the three tournaments this week, but it still looks like there has been some great action in the Little @Mikey. Let's chat about a quick poker tip and then look at the standings so far this week.

Quick Poker Tip

Are you familiar with what a "hero call" is? It's when you decide to call an opponent with a marginal or very weak hand because you strongly believe that your weak hand is still better than what your opponent has. Making the right "hero call" could change the course of an entire tournament. A failed hero call could not only cost you some or all of your chips, but also impact your mental state, which could change your play and minimize your chances of winning unless you can recover quickly.

Don't attempt to make a hero call unless you have an overwhelming amount of evidence that your opponent is representing a hand that they don't have. Watch some failed hero calls above.

What do you think about hero calls? Have you ever made one that has failed miserably? Share below.

Results From This Week

PotPlucker was last week's winner, taking home an additional 25 SCR. He's always one to look out for. Here are the results so far from this week's tournaments.


#4. @Lama10 (1)

#3. @Tadas (4)

#2. @Potplucker (6)

#1. @Thebull (10)


#4. @Four20 (1)

#3. @Sargento (4)

#2. @Leosdemond11 (6)

#1. @Thebull (10)


#4. @Tadas (1)

#3. @Thebull (4)

#2. @Leosdemond11 (6)

#1. @Lama10 (10)

Current Standings

Players in the Little @Mikey earn points for finishing in the top-4 during any given tournament. Here are the point leaders after three tournaments this week. It's still not over, but @thebull has certainly set a high mark to beat this week with an astounding 24 points!

#7. @Four20 (1)

#6. @Sargento (4)

#5. @Tadas (5)

#4. @Potplucker (6)

#3. @Lama10 (11)

#2. @Leosdemond11 (12)

#1. @Thebull (24)

Come and join us! The last two tournaments for the week in the Little @Mikey Poker Series are all set for tomorrow at 10AM Central and Friday at 1PM Central.

Good luck to all and thank you for supporting this tournament series!