Scorum Poker League and its inhabitants!

I have been playing poker at for quite a long time and therefore I got friends who appeal to me for various reasons or with whom I have a peculiar communication. The beauty is that all the ethicalities are different and carry a different message in poker, but they are interesting to me not only as players. I would like to get to know them closer.

I identified five people with whom I communicate most of all and would like to interview them:

  1. @bethalea(laughter).
  2. @PotPlacker (mr caution)
  3. @Tadas (pragmatist)
  4. @goldhunter1(Hellboy)
  5. @cryptokeeper(conservative)

Every day I am at the same table with many players still, but it is with them that I have the association SkorumPoker. I ask to express the consent or disagreement of the persons chosen by me in the comments to the post. I warn you, the questions will be difficult.