It is no longer news that our dear SCR is now listed on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC).


The question could be asked if the SCR token on Binance is same as our native SCR coin or two different assets. Or one may want to find out the relationship between these two SCR's.

Now to clarify this, it can be recalled that SCR on Scorum is the native coin of the Scorum blockchain, on BSC SCR will be a token representing the original SCR coin and it will be native to the BSC blockchain.

I guess it might be too absolute to call them two different assets because an SCR Coin can be traded 1:1 for an SCR Token on BSC and vice-versa. The total supply of SCR coins does not change because the SCR coins that are traded for SCR tokens will be held in a wallet, out of circulation.

This means that use of SCR tokens on the BSC will be exactly like using SCR on Scorum and the use cases for SCR will be greatly multiplied over time because of this very fact. When a member locks up SCR tokens for something like defi liquidity pools then the related SCR coins will also remain locked up, thus taking them out of circulation. Each use case takes more SCR out of circulation and thus makes them tend towards scarcity.

As an aside, soon we will be tied to Hive in similar fashion, as I wrote weeks back(, further increasing the use cases and making SCR even more scarce,which increases it's value. This means that Scorum members will be opened up to the opportunities that both of these chains offer with all of the applications being built on those chains, which also works both ways, their users will be able to use the apps that we are building on Scorum. The greatest news of all is that this is just the beginning, within a year or two almost all of the blockchains will be interoperable, and many crypto enthusiasts will be able to waltz over to Scorum and play one of our P2E games as easy as we move between web sites today!

Great times to look ahead to, init?