One of the best projects here is, a beautiful group of people headed by @Tuck-fheman and @bro-delegate.

A bridge between two worlds, our older brother Steem and Scorum who is trying to grow fast.

I personally have known a fantastic group of people and now Promo.scr asks you for help, I need each of you to share his post on other social networks, in return I will be generous (thanks to the delegation of the 100k of Vlad and his team). A small win to win system, Scorum will increase its visibility and you will earn future scr for new tournaments or S&G, right now we need everyone if we want Scr to arrive at 0.20 / 0.30 cents.

I call all weapons:

If I have forgotten someone, I apologize and leave you with some simple rules to receive my vote:


  • At the end of your post, link the social media where you have shared.
  • Leave your post in our telegram channel: Promo.scr chat
  • For those who prefer Discord: join our @scorum-italia server and add a link to your post in the promo.scr room
  • For each social network: Facebook, Reddit, Steemit, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Voice, etc... you will receive a 5% upvote. Example: if you share on 3 social networks you will have a 15% upvote.
  • To avoid abuse, accounts on other social media sites must be active and have a good following.

Good luck and have fun! Don't forget to vote for our delegate friends at bro-delegate!