After several lost on the lucksacks poker table, I started the earning token and points. Some hours ago, I submitted little review about my two games that I was not happy with following the fact that I did not play with focus and determination thereby ended the game in 5th and 7th positions.

Shortly after the lost, followbtcnews tourney game was in and register with determination the games was played for over one hour and I carefully watch the movement of each players and at the end, I ended with my first chips won with claim of second position which is my very first chip won on lucksacks poker. Yes I did not win the game but it was recorded I had a chip won 1.4 which was credited into my account.

To make up for the games (2) I played earlier, I was able to earn another coin as I finished at third position under the influence of so many poker professionals during Tilted Tuesday game. I see this is the beginning and soon I will record my first win.

You too can join us on the lucksacks poker table and show your talent.