The display of the Last game played

Hey! Poker Fan,

Greetings to all.

Today, I would have taken my position higher in my pursuit on Lucksacks as I log in today to play some of the games available.

Poker is a pretty game with friends on lucksacks as we chat and enjoy the game on the table. @potplunker has been the winner of any game I entered so far as I know and with today little Mikey games I was expecting I will at least be part of top 5 out of 7 playing but unfortunately I was the first to be eliminated.

With the mind of I will not allow defeat to weigh me down to pursuit my aim on Lucksack Poker, I waited for Daily Horse WTA sponsor by @inthenow and the game was between, @mikey @thebull @potplunker @snook and @samest. I see myself as the only learner among the professionals and the game started. Within me, I was aiming at least third position to boost my moral on the table, the first player was eliminated which was @snook and my hope still aimed at third position.

The time comes for the second player to be eliminated and who was the person... hmm @samest have to go and rest. Thereafter I say to myself never limit yourself push forward and see what become of you. Play all leg and make every effort to read the game and the players.

The time has come to emerge as one of the winners on lucksacks poker and the battle line is drawn. Watch out!!!

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