And today's tournament schedule!

Did you know...

Playing cards started as valuable works of art and probably originated in China. Well, they did!

Poker, however, is thought to have started right here in the good old United States of America (MURICA!) in the early 1800's. It probably evolved from either the Persian game of 'As-Nas' and/or from the French 'Poque'.

Texas Hold’em specifically is recorded as beginning in Robstown Texas in the early part of the 1900's. But it was the Binion brothers, Jack and Benny, who made the game famous in Vegas when they bought the rights to a convention then called the 'Gambling Fraternity Convention' and changed it to the World Series of Poker in the '70's. source (it's just wikipedia, don't worry, I didn't hurt my little brain over this brief history)

So there you go!

Today's Tournaments

3:00 PM CDT Followbtcnews 5 Token

3:30 PM CDT Pot Limit Big-O 1 Chip

4:35 PM CDT Wednesday PCSTE 10 Token

6:00 PM CDT Poker In the Krypt Wednesday 5 Chip PLO

7:00 PM CDT Weekly 50 Chip

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