Except when you shouldn't.

'Be! Aggressive! Be! Be! Agressive!'*

*this is a cheer. like in high school football cheerleading. I take no credit for how appropriate it is, just for recognizing it and bringing it to you. you're welcome.

Here is a situation I have found myself in FAR too many times. I get to playing and chatting and having a good time, and all of a sudden I realize that I've folded for an hour. I'm all about folding rather than playing marginal cards, especially in tournaments. However if you forget to ever push, to turn on the aggression and come back at another player, you'll just slowly blind yourself to death.

Not long ago, in fact, I saw some fellow players talking about me and how I never bluff. So can you guess what I started doing?!? That's right! Bluffing! In position and still rarely, but a good show of aggression even when you have nothing can be exhilarating and can often push the blinds off of the pot if they think you're a super tight player.

Being aggressive at the wrong time can backfire, of course. You don't want to push anyone off the pot when you have the stone cold nuts. For me, when I say 'stone cold nuts' I'm talking about on the river, when all the cards are out and you have the absolute best hand. This is a difficult spot for me personally. The goal is to get as much money from your opponents into the pot without alerting them to the fact that you have the nuts. I did better at this when I first started playing with these Lucksacks, lol, because they NEVER thought I had it and so would call or (even better!) re-raise. They don't do that much anymore.

Which brings me to my personal query; how aggressive is too aggressive in this situation? Let's say if you have been leading out with the bets, getting the occasional raise and call, how much would you bet on the river?

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