Hint; it's your BRAIN, my fellow Poker Peeps!

Playing teh Pokes

No matter where you stand on the discussion of poker; is it a sport, is it gambling, is it morally acceptable, etc, I hope you at least can recognize by now that it is a game of skill, and not of luck. If it were luck, I might have a fighting chance, amirite?!?

Everyone who has played with me or just like, talked to me knows I don't math. I just don't. I blame my upbringing, where flashcards were used to such anxiety inducing levels that at some point I just shut down and gave up. I did eventually go back and learn some things but even today, trying to do mathing on the spot can give me a panic attack. NOT something that's a good idea on the poker table.

Instead, I rely on my intuition. Now, I'm sure I can name a half dozen dudes who may read this and roll their eyes and find a way to #blamebeth or my uterus or something for making such a declaration, but whatever. You guys would do that anyway. :)

So maybe that's why I don't have a great record, like @goldhunter1 does. (congrats again gold!) But getting to know the players you play with and then being able to recognize their patterns is vitally important. Relying solely on the math - especially online - runs it's own risks.

That's why I think of the different kinds of poker - meaning online vs. AFK, professionals vs. freerollers - as working different 'poker muscles'. If I were on a table where everyone was a math and statics phenom, I could still beat them because they hold so stringently to their 'rules'. (not saying I would, but I could!) Whereas a math genius sitting down at one of the freerolls on Lucksacks would probably have a very difficult time at first. It's important to learn how to be flexible when playing with people who aren't playing by 'your' rules; you need to flex your creative poker muscles and your intuitive poker muscles also, in order to be truly successful.

IMHO, anyway. I can't wait for my schedule to simmer down (first week of school is underway for my littles, and everything is always a little chaotic at first) so I can play again! I'll have tomorrow's schedule of tournaments out in the morning, and until then, I hope you're checking out the BROsino! Here's my personal referral link you can use to get you started! It's free and super fun! While you're at it, please make sure you give our delegate, @bro-delegate a witness vote here on Scorum!

Thanks, and have a lucky day!