Question of the Ages

Yes, You Do

I'm going to do a little deductive reasoning here, with the full knowledge that what I'm about to propose isn't, in fact, the exact truth for every single one of you... but it is true. How much is your personal truth may differ, but if you're here, you enjoy pain.

#1: Cryptocurrency

If you're here, you are some how connected to and/or interested in Crypto. When the crypto you've invested in goes down, it hurts. When it goes up, it feels good. If you stick around, there is some part of that back-and-forth that excites you on some level.

#2: Betting

Same thing here; if you're here, on Scorum, my wager is that you liked and immediately saw the value in coupling a Sports Blogging site with the ability to make bets on said sports! It's brilliant in it's conception! And all of us who enjoy betting know there's a bite there... there's that moment where it's all on the line and you don't know if you're going to win or lose that is a total rush of excitement. The win is the best culmination of this feeling, but you HAVE to be about to lose in order for it to feel so good when you win.

#3: Poker

Now we're down to the piece that REALLY matters; poker. I was reading an article on earlier, and in an interview between Chad Holloway and Antonio Esfandiari, Holloway asked, "What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?" to which Esfandiari answered, "Pain at the poker table. Even if I am at the receiving end of it. There's just nothing quite like it." which, of course, led to the inspiration of this post. Because it HURTS, when someone sucks out on the river on your Aces. When you math people do all teh maths, and you're ready to win, and someone has double caught their 7 - 2 off. And if you're like me, you just can't quit it, because on some level you love the pain.

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