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For accounts on Steemit, your minimum reputation level must be 50. On both Scorum and sites, valid introduction post will be required by all new accounts to in order to be approved or to cash out if already on the site. If there are still questions we may also require a 3-6 month history of posting. This is how to make a valid introduction post. Please understand that photoshopped images will NOT be accepted!

If all of that is easy because you are in fact a real person who cares about these platforms, head on over to and register! Please be patient while waiting to be approved as each new account is manually verified. Thanks and good luck!

Today's Tournaments

3:00 PM CDT; Tuesday Followbtcnews 5 Token
3:30 PM CDT; Pot Limit Big-O Turbo 1 Chip
5:00 PM CDT; Poker in the Krypt 25 Chip HORSE
9:00 PM CDT; Tilted Tuesdays 10 Chip NLH