In the good ole U.S. of A., the 4th of July is a pretty big whoopdeedo

fireworks image by unsplash. I added chippy, who is by @kryptik

Today's Tournaments!

It's Friday, my friends! That means that @generausd is going to torture us with his super turbo tourney, but first:

3:00 PM CDT is the Followbtcnews 5 Token

3:30 PM CDT is the Pot Limit Big-O 1 Chip turbo

6:00 PM CDT brings us Poker in the Krypt, PLO

7:00 PM CDT is the Generausd's Super Turbo Tournament

Family Meeting

That's right. It's family meeting time, so put down your weed or whiskey for just a moment and listen to me.

First; If you want to play poker with us, good! Register here. YOU MUST HAVE A STEEMIT OR SCORUM ACCOUNT. The end! Everything else will be decided after that very important piece is handled. mmkay? Great, thanks!

Second; Table Talk. If you are already playing with us, you know that you can chat on the tables. It is such fun and can get heated and sooooooper offensive. You can mute them! Tuck has generously created a neat lil'gif for everyone, it's in the pinned messages in our #general channel in our server, so feel free to use it liberally! Or whatever. You can join our discord by clicking the link on the home page of!


To all of you who play, donate and interact in our amazing community every day, and specifically those who help with hosting and upvoting these posts. Please don't forget to vote for our friends, @bro-delegate!