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Tip of the week:

Play the Player, Not Your Cards.

Poker is a situational game, which is what makes it both exciting and complex. Everyone gets the same number of cards, everyone has chips, but what each individual decides to do at any given moment is where the real challenge lies. This is one of the great things about ScorumPoker (i didn't start writing this to become an ad for you to join but well, here we are)... because we're smaller and chose our names, we get to know each other and how we play. Further, if you join our discord, you get to know people even better and all of that knowledge can really help you when you're making decisions on the table.

So if you know that geek, the player to your left, has a tendency to shove with air and catch on the river, you might go ahead and fold your marginal hands so you don't get caught up in her insanity. :wink: Or if say, sultnapper is on your right and betting, I'm totally folding unless I have the stone cold nuts. And even then I'm probably behind, lol.

So pay attention to how people play, I like to talk to peeps and get to know them, sometimes that helps give me a better read on them and their habits.

yes, i realize they're playing blackjack

Today's Tournaments!

Today's Special is the Pizza and Mandolin Tournament, courtesy of our friend and yours, @giornalista at 3 PM CDT!

Catch you soon!