2 PM CDT Sunday, bring your A Game, People!

First, a shout out to Curie for funding our Team Up tournament series yet again! Please consider giving them a witness vote on Steemit so we can continue our games!

Team One won last week even though they have a non-team name and zero logo. I don't expect that trend to continue, but I've been wrong before.

Congrats to Kryptokeeper, TheBull and Diogosantos!

Coming in Second place, against all odds and probably due to some sort of magical quick-twitch muscle thing coupled with sick eye hand coordination was Savage Tan, with Tuck-Fheman starring as Buck, Sultnapper with a strong ass game, and ATS-David who was like, absent and stuff. WTG Old Guys!

In third place we have the Cereal Killers. I'm not surprised although I am saddened a bit cuz two of these three were on MY team last season and I actually adore all three of these team members but whatever.

Congrats to Inthenow, Coinbelly and Blueeyes8960! Good luck tomorrow! Just like, not as good luck as my team has, mmmkay? :)

Again with a lack of team name and logo :insert_rolling_eyes_here: is Team Three in fourth place. Nice job Generausd, Tadas and Frugals! I will make sure to intentionally take you all out tomorrow! You're welcome!

Their logo might be adorable and 'Goofy' is ACTUALLY in their name, but there's nothing goofy about this crew of sharks!

I'm kidding. Y'all are GOING DOWN TOMORROW! HA! Good luck Sgt-Dan, Snook and Penderis! I'll SEE YOU THEN AND THERE. :wink:

Barely Baked Barely Showed Up, let's be honest. I'll tell you a sekrut though... We LIKE coming from behind!

Wait. That sounds wrong.... um. WHATEVER, Nicnas, Potplucker and I, Bethalea ARE COMING AND YOU CAN'T STOP US!

I expect a much stronger showing tomorrow for this team. In fact, if I were a betting (wo)man, I'd bet they come in second, right after my team. Let's see what you've got, TheHive, Goldhunter1 and Nikoskol. BRING. IT.

Battle Games, with JonSnow, PhilippeKiene and Agr8buzz are another team I expect to see crush harder tomorrow. They got a late start, but remember guyz, there's only THREE tournaments in this series so.... Git. Up. Innit!!

Good luck to everyone but especially to me and my team! Check out this post if you want to join in on the fun, and please vote @bro-delegate for witness!

So long and thanks for all the fish!