"In honour of all Canadian Vets. Thank you to all who have served and to the military spouses, like @shadowspub, families and friends who have supported them"

real dog tags; sentiment by @sgt-dan

This will be a private, 20 Token (SBD) Tournament held next Saturday, July 20th at 5:00 PM CDT. This tournament is NOT limited to Vets; families of Vets, friends of Vets, First Responders... all who have served or have supported those who served are welcome. Please contact @bethalea or @guiltyparties for password information. (Discord link is on the home page of Lucksacks.com)

Today's Tournaments

Its nearly the last of the Snook'em! You only have fifteen minutes so hurry!

Pot-Limit Big O is at 9:30 PM CDT

As For Team Up...

Please continue to comment on this post! I will leave it for a couple of days and then make a decision soooooo.... speak up!

Until later, then! xoxo, b.

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