Poker chat is a new show started up in the Buddy Up Discord server. A show is held each Wednesday at 8 PM UK time (7 PM UTC). Bring your questions share your answers. The show is open to everyone with an interest in poker. Players of all levels are welcome to attend.

This weeks show looks like it is going to be about what bet's to place in what position. A few people I have been bitching at to raise the bet in certain spots. Sometimes it is not the chips you don't lose, but the chips you fail to gain.

With each hand in poker you want to take the smallest risk to win the most back. When you have good cards, you do not want everyone at the table to call. This would reduce the chances of your cards remaining strong.

I hold a few statistics I have had drilled into me by experienced players. one of those is AA. When you get AA the best way to play. In the statistics, it says AA will win with a higher frequency than any other two cards. Playing 1 on 1, the success rate of AA is at the 90% mark, It is only 10% of the time they will lose. This is against all other ranges. If there are more people in play, those %'s drop. On a full table of nine players, the win % drops to as low as 7%.

Is there n advantage to raising with these cards, or is the advantage in limping so no one knows you have Ace's?