Poker Chat in the Buddy Up Server.

Venue: Buddy Up Server.

Time: 8 PM UK time, (7 PM UTC).

Duration: 1 Hour.

Topic's: Poker Variations. General Chat.

A weekly show is being presented in the Buddy Up server. The goal of this show is to give greater visibility to the Scorumpoker games and hopefully bring along a few more regular players. The level of play is not too high. Yet high enough with a range of players and preferred styles of play to give an eventful game.

Our ambitions of beginning a tournament held weekly too has met with a spanner in the cogs, we are still working over at the Buddy Up Server to get this going. We will get this series of games going. When we start we want to be sure we can run for a full 3 month at a minimum.

A Scorum account will be needed to play. The tournaments available reward Chips, which can be exchanged for Scorum. Tokens, which can exchanged for Steem and withdrawn to Scorum or Steem wallet.

What would you do with these cards. Notice you are in the Small blind.

There is no ante and the blinds are 15 30.

It is a full table with one sit out. 8 active players. 4 people have folded.

Chips stacks are still pretty even, Game not long started.

Depending on what action comes your way, obviously not calling an all in.

The last remaining active players. Blabla folded and the Button checked in. This makes the button look weak and opportunistic to raise against. Penderis has still to play.

It will cost you 15 more chips to call. This let's Penderis into the hand free as he had to pay the blinds anyway. There is no risk to Penderis Chips if you limp in, Penderis may also raise, would you call a big raise?

Your hand is not the best you can have but it is strong, It has flush and straight optoions as well as card value.

This is what I done. I raised it up to 120.

4 times the big blind.

Calling a raise that is only another minimum bet from the big blind is too easy and any two cards can get in at a nice cheap price. You want to price weak hands out of play.

The more players in the hand reduces your chances of winning regardless of how strong your cards are at the beginning of the hand Pre-Flop.

The end result is both players folded and I took the blinds they had played, not big profit. It does mean that the hand does not move forward and weak hole cards can easily take a % of your chip stack. You hear quite often players complain about always at the river. Much of the time, the same player let the other player get to the river by not betting.

Want to chat about some games and strategies. Come on over to the Buddy Up Server.