Yesterday was a decent poker day for me :) It's been a while since I have won a big tourney, so it was nice to get a win in this one!

This was a freeroll. I just paid 250 CHP for an add-on (~1$). And I won 230.000 CHP (~$850). Pretty good ROI :)

In a few days Coinpoker is changing it's in-game currency to USDT. CHP will be used for rakeback and other perks. They will be running huge promotions in October, so if you are not playing there yet, now is the best time to register!

If you will use my referral address, I will send you half of your generated referral bonus back (every month). More info about referral program can be found here.

It is a really good poker room! I highly recommend it! There are loads of other promos too!