Hey everyone, just finished another week grinding it out on coinpoker. This week I managed to finish 7th in the weekly standings which is good enough for a 7,500 payout, the same as I won last week. This past week I had much more success in the Omaha tournaments, especially toward the end of the week. I won one and placed 2nd and 3rd in several more. I wish I had been able to take down a few more of them, I came close a few times but the cards didn't cooperate when I needed them to and I ended up in 2nd place. It looks like there will be more competition this week as several proclaimed regulars will be back in the mix to try and finish high on the weekly leaderboard. At least this was the indication from some table chatter that went on yesterday. I don't plan on playing much more than I did last week so we'll see where I end up, but hopefully I manage a top 10 once again.

tournament win

Above is the tournament I managed to take down. It was a 5 card Omaha tournament that runs in the morning. I remember the chip leader lucho just wouldn't ever raise a hand so I was able to play my style without any problems and I managed to just beat him once it got down to heads up. As you see, I only knocked out 1 player, and that was him.