I honestly can't believe this but I just won this same tournament AGAIN! That's like 6 or 7 wins in the same tournament over the span of a week and a half, or two weeks? It's kind of crazy to even think about. This run tonight was by far my easiest win, if winning a poker tournament could ever be deemed "easy". I ran great from start to finish, I hit good hands the whole way, other players had hands too, but I was making better ones. Early at my first table I was hitting and hands and stacking chips, one player who got short stacked thanks to my fortune moved all in pre-flop with pocket Qs, I decide to call with K 9 and I immediately hit a K and it's enough to eliminate him and pick up his bounty. Then a few hands later I flopped a straight draw, the turn brought my straight, I bet out, I get re-raised and I'm sitting there with the nuts, I go all in and get insta-called by a turned 2 pair, river blanked and I eliminated the player and took his bounty. Later on at the same table I pick up pocket Qs, which I have had some bad luck going all in pre-flop with recently so I smooth call a raise from the big blind. The flop comes out top card 9, I bet out, get reraised, think for a bit, and just call. Turn card brought anothe low card, and I check, and get an all in shove. I think a bit again and just hope the guy doesn't have Aces/Ks or a flopped set, and I decide to call. Turns out he was making those moves with only K 9. He missed the river and I picked up all his chips and his bounty as well.

I get moved over to the final table and I start by getting garbage over and over again, but eventually I pick up pocket 9s, I raise from the button and get called by the BB. Flop comes out top card 6, BB leads for half pot with not much left behind, I put him all in, he calls with A 6, misses turn and river and I get more chips and another bounty. I also picked up a sit outs bounty as he blinded out when I made top boat with my Q on the river with 3 Js on the board with it. My Js full of Qs beat an opponents Js full of 8s. We played 3 handed for a long time, trading the chip lead among all 3 of us at certain points. Eventually the other 2 players clashed in a flopped set, turned full house situation vs an over pair of 10s against the board. The all-ins occurred after the river card and we were down to 2.

My opponent had a sizable chip lead and kept raising me over and over and finally I just decided to fold until I picked up some all-in type hands. I picked up pocket 10s and moved all in, and got a fold, then picked up A 8 and moved all in again, this time I found a call by A 4. I flopped an 8 and dodged any runner-runner combo that would have given him the win. With that double up I took the chip lead for good. Now that he was the lower stack the raises ceased and we could see some flops. On one notable hand the board came 8 7 5 and I was sitting there with a 6, I called the flop bet, we both checked the turn card 7, the river brought another 8 and he checked and I fired a pot sized bluff that got through as he folded. This put me in an overwhelming chip lead (~150k - ~30k) and I just needed to avoid a big double up to win. I picked up pocket 8s and decided this was the hand to go with to take it down. I put him all in pre-flop and he called with J 9. Of course a 9 comes out right on the flop, crushing my 8s, but the turn brought my third 8 sealing the deal and giving me the win.

final hand

This was by far the easiest tournament I've won on coinpoker and somehow I was able to hit and make better hands than anything I've been making playing Omaha lately, and that's really saying something because you start with 4 cards in Omaha, but I won't get into my bad luck in those games. A win is a win and I'll take them any way I can get them.