I won this tournament tonight and I won it last night as well, and I've now won it 4 out of the last 5 nights. The game I won tonight was insane and may well have been the best poker performance of my life, or maybe just the luckiest. I came back from next to nothing in chips several times, I was short stacked under 10k with a full 6 at the table and more or less remained low stack until the very very end. I managed to survive and get to the point of cashing with what would be at least a top 3 finish before I moved all in a few times with an ace, I had barely moved into 2nd place when I picked up AK, I go all in again. I got called this time by chipmonster, but he was the one at risk as I had him slightly covered by about 2000 chips. He turned over Q 10, and a Q spiked right on the flop crushing my AK that missed the turn and river as well. I had almost nothing left, figured all was lost, or at least soon lost. I had 2k in chips at a 3 handed table with 130k chips in play. The blinds and antes were moving around the table multiple times and the 2 remaining players kept chasing my bounty, chipmonster would over the top me all in when I pushed, prompting btcmex to fold, then I would turn over a hand that had him crushed, one card the same rank, but my kicker was higher. I kept winning when I needed to win and folding when I had nothing. I picked up K 5 suited with about 6.8k chips and decided to move all in again, chipmonster again went after my bounty and moved all in, except this time btcmex called him, K on the flop, K on the turn sealed the deal for me to triple up to over 20k chips leaving chipmonster short stacked as btcmex took the side pot. I picked up a few more hands and kept just going all in while they both folded, finally the short stack chipmonster pushed and btcmex took him out.

I was sitting at just about 30k in chips against 100k for btcmex. I grinded away and called and folded in spots where I figured they were the right move. I started getting short again, under 20k vs 110k+ in chips. I didn't give up though and just kept milking my stack, eventually I doubled up back to over 30k, then doubled again to over 50k, we seriously played for what felt like an eternity, just folding to each others raises or calling for a flop then folding when the other one bet. I finally won an all in on a hand I can't recall that put me in the chip lead at about 80k and a few hands later I picked up Ks in the BB, btcmex min raised me, so I min raised back, which prompted him to go all in, I called and he turned over pocket 9s and didn't improve giving me the win.

In this tournament many eventful things happened that led me to the win, unfortunately I didn't write them down right after it happened so much of the stuff has slipped my mind. I do remember what happened when we were 3 handed though, we all just kept folding to each other and cici was folding everything not even limping or trying to defend blinds. At random times though he would push all in and I kept figuring he must have a monster and just insta-folded. I was BB and picked up AQ and he did it again, and was thinking, "oh no, he has AK or some big pair" but I had to call him and he turned over Q3 and I had him crushed and won the hand and eliminated him. I also remember a late heads up hand with Venenox where I bluffed on the turn with K high and a paired board, figuring if he didn't have an A or pair I was ahead. He called and I rivered a K, so I bet out again, and he called again and said something like "I just thought you were bluffing" to which I replied "lol I did", I just got the lucky river card. In the final hand that gave me the win I picked up A 9 and moved all in, and he snap called with A J, the board ran out with 2 9s on it though giving me the tournament win.